About Us

River and Vanagon at campground


A man, a van, and a dog named River.  What started as a simple adventure in 2012 to travel and live in a van for a year has shown itself to be more than a passing life phase. In 2016, with a new Vanagon and a a co-pilot named River, we set off to live this life the way we see fit.


In a time of exploding population it is important to assess one's own footprint on this earth. Ultimately, we need very little possessions and very little space to thrive. My hope for this blog is that it be a testament to this.

Meet the Team

Currently, the team consists of myself, Ron Hope, my currently unnamed Vanagon, and my adventure dog River.

Ron Hope

Ron Hope

Driver & Moneymaker

Self employed as a photographer (ronaldhope.com) with a van problem. After completing a couple bachelor degrees at Portland State University I found myself pretty disenfranchised with the marketing world. I felt as though I had spent years learning how to convince people they needed more possessions - a belief I strongly disagree with.


Dog in front seat of Vanagon


Vice President

River was born sometime in 2012, as best we can figure. Sold as a border collie/heeler mix, she often gets identified as a catahoula mix. When not lounging in the van, she can be found running the local trails and begging for whatever is on your plate.

Vanagon on forest road



When the previous van was sold in 2013, the following few years were fraught with regret. From a Jetta to a Jeep, nothing seemed to fill the void. This currently unnamed vanagon was purchased in the summer of 2016, and despite having numerous mechanical issues, I believe one day soon she will be a viable home.