Cabinet Build 3.0

Third van, third time making cabinets. After pulling up the piece of linoleum laid down by the PO, my father, I found that there was a fair bit of mold and water damage to the original cabinets. The leak was coming in sliding middle window, above the kitchenette, and was running inside the wall and under the flooring. At that point I knew it was time for a full renovation. Gutted the interior, had the holes welded up, insulated the walls, and began cabinet build 3.0.

My last van had a somewhat similar design, but different construction method, and was written about here:…highlight= The last set were one width fron to back, where as the new set juts out in front of the bed to accommodate the Engel 45. This newest build is also, if somewhat loosely, is being chronicled here:

5 thoughts on “Cabinet Build 3.0

  1. Sick Cabinets! Really great job at fabricating those up. I just finished my build with a very similar design.

  2. Super clean! I appreciate the open design, spacious, bright, sturdy. Your work is so clean! Great job & photos!

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