The Van


If you have ever owned a VW Vanagon you know that they are constant work in progress. As such, this page will likely follow that trend.


Van 1.0

Since 2011 I have owned three different Vanagons. The first, a brown 1985 tin top that I bought for shy of a thousand dollars. The front nose was beat up from an accident prior to my ownership. This vessel would get a custom camper interior that utilized the fold out bed from an ASI Riviera, a roof box, a solar panel, and a lot of hope before setting off for the east coast. I will always remember my first fill up after I left the comfort of home - gas spilling out from under the van, threatening to create a 16 gallon molotov cocktail out of my van. It would be a wild 9 months living in this vehicle, most of it cruising the small highways from one town to the next heading east, then west.

Vanagon in Joshua Tree

Van 2.0

The next, also a 1985 tin top, but this time blue. After living in a tiny house in Terrebonne for a year, the itch to get back on the road struck again in the fall of 2016. Much of 2017 would be lived on the road, but this time mainly along the California coastline. I had big plans for this van, but in an odd turn of events ended up back in Portland with a full time photography gig. Shortly after returning, I would also inherit a 1984 ASI Riviera from my Father when he decided to upgrade to a Westfalia.


Van 3.0 (current)

The third van. The 1984 Vanagon I received from my father would be the ultimate beneficiary of my new employment situation. The new funds would, among other things, afford bigger wheels and tires, Rocky Mountain Westy swing away tire carrier, Gary Lee hatch ladder, and most recently a Coast Mountain hightop. This is the current van, and while I would like to say the final van, no one can be sure. The majority of posts here have been about the two most recent.