A Vanagon, Are You Sure?

I’m not proud of the fact that I have a Pinterest account, or of the amount of time I spend looking at expedition vehicles on it. Let’s just say it is more than I feel is healthy. Hours of my life have been spent falling down the rabbit hole of what ifs. The long list of which rig and why. The figuring of how much I could sell my van for and how far that […]

So you think you want a Vanagon huh?

Your Instagram feed is full of vans in cool locations, filled with happy campers, and a dog or two. The #vanlife is your favorite hash tag. Your new goal in life right now is to live out of a van, and what better van than the VW Vanagon? I mean, it has such a great following and is the epitome of a road trip vehicle. A current theme I see in my feed is a […]