How ironic that this post follows my last. It comes in waves, this vanlife. My first foray into vanlife came at the end of 2011, and truly began in early 2012. I would buy a cheap Vanagon off Craigslist, build it out, and hit the road. I would live in it for about 9 months, much of which was exploring the United States.  At that time, like this time, I thought it could potentially last […]

And Just Like That It has Begun

Last time I moved into a van I feel like there was more planning, more projects, more everything, before I headed out. Today I left the tiny house I helped to build a little over a year ago. In a whirlwind of packing and ultimately just throwing things in a box and saying I would figure it out in the coming days, I rushed out of Terrebonne in hopes of missing the snow storm that […]

The Chaos of Simplification

My tiny house, with everything in its place, looks to be far more room than necessary. There are numerous drawers and shelves with nothing in them or on them. Sometimes I even move things that could all fit on one shelf to another, just so that it doesn’t look so empty. The opposite of that is happening right now, however. Most of my stuff is out of the drawers and cubbies, strewn all over the […]