A Footprint Is

A footprint, as I often think of it, is our environmental one – how much resources we require and how many earths it would require if everyone lived this way. It is also, the space we take up, like the footprint of a house. Both are at play in this case. The latter is quite tiny – approximately 60ft2 total with probably about 40ft2 of living space. That is a  less than 3% of the average home size in the United States (CNN).  That in turn means a smaller environmental footprint – less building materials, no concrete for the foundation, less space to heat/cool, renewable energy from the solar, and much more.

For the last year I have been living in a tiny house (240ft2) in Terrebonne Oregon, it’s where Smith Rock is located. It has been a great experience, but the freedom of vanlife is calling my name. So from a tiny house, to what most would consider a micro home.

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